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A Commitment to Quality and Innovation
A Commitment to Quality and Innovation
A Commitment to Quality and Innovation

About Us

Established in 2001, our management staff brings years of experience in all areas of engineering and construction. Each discipline is led by a registered professional. ICI maintains a perfect safety record and exceptional reputation for outstanding quality management. We are a multi-discipline contractor with above average self-performing capabilities and proven track record of delivering cost-saving services to our clients.

ICI Ltd is a power house of innovation, craftsmanship and expertise. Our infrastructure and diversified job experience give us flexibility; we’re as adept and competitive on smaller projects as we are on larger ones. We take pride in our staff of engineers, project managers, safety managers, foremen and skilled craftsmen, many of whom have been with the company since inception. These levels of employee commitment and ability have allowed us to perform every contract on time and with full client satisfaction.

Headache free construction! A turnkey contract allows you the freedom to do your job while we do ours. You don’t have the hassle of coordinating with multiple professionals… we do it all for you!

Engaging contractors early in the design process can resolve apparent mismatches between budget and programme hence enriching the design. But there are further benefits when this cooperation is followed through, with architects overseeing construction from a fully informed perspective – solving rather than creating problems for builders.


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